About Maria

Born in the magical archipelago of the Azores, Maria immigrated to Canada in 1985. An avid practicer of spirituality and the teachings of God, Maria has enriched peoples lives with her clairvoyant readings from our loved ones from the beyond. Maria was blessed with two children, Jennifer and Matthew, and, later on, a beautiful granddaughter, Savannah. She now resides in beautiful British Columbia with her life partner, Terry, and has been blessed with a lovely extended family of four more children and six additional grandchildren. They fill her life with eternal gratitude and love. Home is where love lives.

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Letters to God

                 by Maria Melo

Letters to God is a message of love and light. Inside, you will find poems of truth, suffering, faith, and courage. This collection will inspire readers to find their divine existence in this beautiful life that we share. The poetry is compiled with the little stones along the walk of life-the joys and pains of sisterhood, motherhood, partnerships, and the state of our nation. May we share in his love with faith in humanity, learning with grace and living with gratitude.

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